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Welwyn - 3 Bedroom Property -


The Garden Village isn’t just somewhere to find a great new home, it’s a place to live and grow together. We’ve made ample space for cars and bicycles, modern amenities and services, whilst creating a wonderful living environment in the heart of the City. 


The term ‘Garden Village’ refers to towns and villages which have been planned in the spirit of the Garden City Movement, which emerged in the late 19th century. Loftus Garden Village draws on the principles of the Garden City and brings them into a modern, urban setting.


The Garden Village creates the ideal conditions in which a new community can flourish. With its open spaces, attractive parks and thoughtful street landscaping, the opportunities for getting together are endless.


Better still, the Garden Village is the perfect place to get back to basics, gardening for food or sheer pleasure in generously sized private and kitchen gardens.














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Call our sales team today on 01633 744 288